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Personal Testimonials

Alexander A. from Setauket, NY, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair service, on 4/26/2015:
"I would tell them that they can be confident that the problem will be diagnosed and repaired very professionally and cost effectively."

Barbara F. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 4/25/2015:
"The staff is professional, courteous, helpful. You can depend on them to do a great job and I would recommend them to anyone in need of car service."

Steve A. from Centereach, NY, whose Nissan was in for an auto repair service, on 4/17/2015:
"Always done right, and at a fair price; all anyone can ask for."

Linda A. A. from Brentwood, NY, whose HYUNDAI was in for a smog check, on 4/17/2015:
"I trust them completely"

Yow-ning C. from Setauket, NY, whose Nissan was in for an auto repair, on 4/15/2015:
"I'll say they keep my car running very smoothly."

Anonymous on 4/11/2015:
"Village Auto provides honest, quality work at fair prices."

Kevin B. from Setauket, NY, whose AUDI was in for an auto repair service, on 4/1/2015:
"$500 for rear brakes seems very expensive , I'm not sure I would come back"

Anonymous on 4/1/2015:
"They always take that extra step to insure that the problem you are having with your car is really fixed."

Marcy M. from Manhattan, NY, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 3/31/2015:
"I would tell them it's the best auto service center I've ever been to- professional, friendly, accommodating and fair."

Mary A. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 3/30/2015:
"Would recommend the shop very highly."

Rita G. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair, on 3/30/2015:
"I would highly recommend Village Automotive to all my friends. My family members are already long time customers. It is an honest & reliable shop with all services & repairs done correctly. They also stand behind all their work & are informative to services that might be needed in the future. I wouldn't take my vehicle anywhere else."

Anonymous on 3/23/2015:
"Their work is among the best and their customer service is A1"

Mindy R. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 3/20/2015:
"they do everything needed in fixing or figuring out what is wrong with your car. they also try very hard to fit you in when you need them to."

Barbara B. from Setauket, NY, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 3/20/2015:
"I send anyone I know to this shop."

Joel P. from Setauket, NY, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 3/19/2015:
"Have always explained the required repair and options. Have been a customer since 2006."

Abby L. from Rocky Point, NY, whose Mercury was in for an auto repair service, on 3/12/2015:
"Friendly, honest and fair."

Diana from Saint James, NY, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 3/10/2015:
"Village automotive was very helpful. They were patient with my indecision about what repairs I should get or not. They provided the options so I knew what the need-to-do items were and the nice-to-do items were. They were friendly and I loved being able to review the proposed repairs in writing over email before committing to anything."

N. D. from Brookhaven, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 3/3/2015:
"Having had cars repaired since the 1950s and in a multitude of shops, I find Rich’s Village Automotive Center to be the very tops and far above any other repair shop I have used. Particularly, I am most grateful for Rich’s keen attitude of preventive care and maintenance (like preventive medicine!). It may cost more initially, but that type of care saves money and aggravation in the future. Rich has been working on my automobiles exclusively since about 1988 and never once in ~25 years have I gotten stuck on the road, or have a car not start because of battery problems! But before finding Rich, I had more breakdowns and no-starts than I care to remember. Rich and his people such as Ken and the mechanics whose names I do not know) are bright guys, who keep up with the newest techniques. They are also very, very nice people. They have cheerfully driven me to and back from the university countless numbers of times. Maybe Rich sets the example for the shop. In one of my first encounters with him decades ago, he rushed to help me when I had a flat tire and could not easily jack up the car and change the tire because of where it was parked in the university garage. I also did not have AAA. I was indeed most grateful to him for quickly coming, and being the owner of the shop at that. He also reprimanded me for the quality of tires I was buying at the time! He has also given me good advice on cars to buy. I am so grateful that the grad student, who initially told me to go to him about 25 years ago!"

Adam-pinki D. from Centereach, NY, whose JEEP was in for an auto repair, on 2/24/2015:
"Friendly and flexible/accommodating service, very knowledgeable staff, repairs and options are explained before work begins, quality of work and repairs is very good, customer is kept up to date throughout the repair process, prices are fair. Recommended by RepairPal online, and I would personally recommend them as the top shop on anyone's short list."

Grace B. from Setauket, NY, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 2/24/2015:
"I highly recommend them."

Adam D. from Centereach, NY, whose JEEP was in for an auto repair, on 2/24/2015:
"Friendly and flexible/accommodating service, very knowledgeable staff, repairs and options are explained before work begins, quality of work and repairs is very good, customer is kept up to date throughout the repair process, prices are fair. Recommended by RepairPal online, and I would personally recommend them as the top shop on anyone's short list."

Anonymous on 2/21/2015:
"Very good customer service. Take excellent care of our cars."

Donna E. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Jeep was in for an auto repair, on 2/17/2015:
"That my family have used Village Auto for close to 20 years. And I trust them above anything. They have rescued, educated and insisted on safety repairs for my college age daughter's vehicle. Keeping her safe and on the road. She now lives in RI and still returns home to get auto work done."

Fredrica O. from Holtsville, NY, whose Nissan was in for an auto repair service, on 2/12/2015:
"They are the best at everything."

Pat on 2/11/2015:
"Honest and great work with great customer service"

Anonymous on 2/4/2015:
"Dependable, friendly and top notch work."

Charlene on 2/3/2015:
"The quality and customer service are exactly what you would expect from a home town business! Perfect!"

Jay on 1/26/2015:
"I have been using Village for sixteen years and recommended your service to my brother this time and others in the past. All have thanked me and have returned to your shop for future repairs. The entire staff is very friendly and very competent!"

Marvin H. from Setauket, NY, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 12/18/2014:
"Great work and cheerful service..Reliable always"

Michelle on 12/10/2014:
"Everyone was very helpful, and Village Auto helped me resolve my car's issue."

Mindy R. on 12/3/2014:
"great job and recommendations!"

Anonymous on 12/2/2014:
"they are honest and go out of their way to make it easy for you."

Mindy R. on 11/20/2014:
"excellent service, always try and fit you in, goes the extra mile"

Rick B. from Setauket, NY, whose Hyundai was in for an auto repair, on 11/14/2014:
"None better! In the 26 years since we moved to Setauket, Village Automotive has serviced at least ten different domestic & foreign cars for us."

Thomas K. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 10/27/2014:
"Village Automotive is always friendly and helpful, and always reliable."

Anonymous on 10/24/2014:
"I brought my 2 cars there. What more of a recommendation could I give?"

Deanna L. from South Setauket, NY, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair service, on 10/22/2014:
"Your service is great, you know what you're doing and the staff is friendly and caring"

Wayne V. from Setauket, NY, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 10/18/2014:
"I've had bester experiences at your shop in the past....You forgot to replace the front left head lamp bulb as requested, during NYS Inspection and repair the requested right fog lamp correctly."

Lori J. from New Hyde Park, NY, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair, on 10/15/2014:
"Beyond a shadow of doubt i would reccomend to anyone"

Lenny J. on 10/14/2014:
"Best service and fix vehicle right the first time!"

Anonymous on 10/6/2014:
"Top quality service experience each time I take my car there."

Steve E. from Port Jefferson Stati, NY, whose Nissan was in for an auto repair, on 10/2/2014:
"I have been bringing my two cars to Village Automotive Center for over the past 10 years. During this time I have always received reliable and professional service. Simply put, I have always trusted their work and know I am going to get and honest and accurate assessment of what the cars need and how to repair them properly.
I especially want to highlight the receptionist Ken, who's service has always been excellent. If I call with a mechanical problem, Ken does a terrific job of listening to my concerns and then recommending the best approach to addressing the problem. When picking up my car after repairs have been done, Ken will always give a complete and detailed description of the work and the costs involved. He is always friendly,courteous and sincere in making sure you I receive the necessary repair at the appropriate costs. Ken's personal approach when dealing with customers is refreshing, especially, when you very seldom see it, in the business of auto repairs."

Ricci O. from Holtsville, NY, whose NISSAN/DATSUN was in for an auto repair, on 9/22/2014:
"They do excellent work and above all are honest about what work your car really needs"

Elizabeth T. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 9/11/2014:
"Not cheap but value for what you pay."

Harold B. from Lake Grove, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 8/31/2014:
"Excellent work. I heard metallic squealing noises which I thought were my front brakes and brought the car in for brake pad replacement. Not only were you honest and informing me that the pads were perfectly fine, but you went above and beyond to diagnose the source of the noise (a warped rear rotor). Extremely satisfied and am definitely making Village Automotive my regular car shop from now on."

Anonymous on 7/21/2014:
"It's great. Not cheap but very good."

Grace B. from Setauket, NY, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 6/27/2014:
"Excellent work, knowledge, congeniality, as always."

Ricci O. from Holtsville, NY, whose NISSAN/DATSUN was in for an auto repair service, on 6/19/2014:
"They are great. Honest and efficient with a helping of niceness"

Lenny J. on 5/8/2014:
"Excellant quality, great customer service and vehicle fixed right the first visit!"

Virginia S. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 4/30/2014:
"Honest, reliable, excellent results"

Bruce S. from Setauket, NY, whose Nissan was in for an auto repair service, on 4/24/2014:
"great people... great service fair prices"

Charlie P. from Setauket, NY, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 4/18/2014:
"I have been dealing with Rich from the day he opened, when it was often he alone; and have watched the business grow. He and his staff have always been reliable and honest. If they don't have the answer, they will find it."

Anonymous on 4/16/2014:
"They are personable, reasonable and aim to please the customer:)"

Kathleen D. from Setauket, NY, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 4/4/2014:
"Great group of folks. Competent, friendly, trustworthy and reasonably priced."

R D. from Setauket, NY, whose Volkswagen was in for an auto repair, on 4/2/2014:
"Friendly and accommodating staff who do very good work and always make sure of my satisfaction."

Anonymous on 3/26/2014:
"They are reliable and fair. Also, pleasant to deal with."

Philip A. from Setauket, NY, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 3/26/2014:
"Rather pricy. $70 for an oil/filter change? Really?"

Lisa T. from Stony Brook, NY, whose LEXT was in for an auto repair service, on 3/25/2014:
"Very friendly staff, excellent service."

Jerry W. from Stony Brook, NY, whose GMC was in for an auto repair service, on 3/24/2014:
"Since Jan. 2004, Village Automotive has been the ONLY auto shop that I completely trust when it comes to servicing my cars. This loyalty has been earned by their continual dedication to the highest quality of service and a very professional and accommodating attitude by all their personnel. Especially thanks to Ken and John and the man that it all starts with Richie."

Al V. on 3/14/2014:
"I keep getting these requests for review sent to my email and I don't even live anywhere close to New York! Stop using my email address for your marketing tactics."

Deanna Levinsky on 3/13/2014:
"You are honest and thoughtful I greatly appreciated the fact that John picked me up and brought me to the car. The towing company, Elite was great, too. I am a really satisfied customer!"

Les W. on 3/10/2014:
"Always a pleasure dealing with the personnel at Village Automotive!!!! Les"

Mary A. on 3/4/2014:
"Excellent service as always. (it's only the cost that hurts.)"

Joanne Goetz on 2/28/2014:
"As usual, a find experience. I asked them to check if I might need a new batter, for example, and they checked it out and determined that mine was just fine....and they did NOT take advantage of me. Good people."

Peter I. on 2/27/2014:
"I have had several appointments over the last year or so and I have been very satisfied with each one. The staff is knowledgeable and courteous. I have no problem in recommending your services to my family and friends."

Anonymous Anonymous on 2/26/2014:
"As good and thorough as always."

Vincent Demarco on 2/22/2014:
"Excellent service as usual.Thanks to John,Ken and the boy's."

Sarah on 2/22/2014:
"Excellent, they were fast, efficient, and kept me updated."

Marvin H. on 2/19/2014:
"Excellent and prompt as usual"

Lenny J. on 2/13/2014:
"As always work done on time and done correctly!"

Fredrica O. on 2/13/2014:
"I always receive excellent, honest service. If it's not broke they don't tell you that it needs to be fixed."

Jun Hee P. on 2/13/2014:
"I felt comfortable with detailed explanation there."

Mary Lou B. on 2/13/2014:
"I brought the car in on a Monday without an appointment to find out what was making a horrible noise. Within minutes the car was inspected and I was told the problem. I was also reminded that the car needed 60,000 miles service, which was done that day."

Lenny J. from Manorville, NY, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair service, on 2/12/2014:
"These guys are the best. Whatever the problem it is fixed the first time!"

Eugenie A'hearn on 2/12/2014:
"Excellent care, as always. Thank you."

Brenda Coven on 2/5/2014:
"I have been bringing my car to the Village Automotive Center for many years and have always been pleased with their service. The staff is terrific."

Brenda C. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 2/4/2014:
"Great service! Very nice staff!"

Tony S. from Setauket, NY, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 2/1/2014:
"My family has used Village Automotive for over 25 years. They provide excellent, highly dependable service and service recommendations. Their staff is very courteous and knowledgeable. We're extremely satisfied with them."

Marvin H. on 1/31/2014:
"Excellence and honesty are the hallmarks of village automotive..prompt and professional service..excellent referrals where needed which is infrequently.."

Lenny J. from Manorville, NY, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair service, on 1/30/2014:
"My vehicles are fixed the first visit, never need to return with same issue. As far as normal servicing goes the work is done properly and always on time."

Fred B. from Setauket, NY, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair, on 1/28/2014:
"My experience is this shop always gives polite and reliable service to our cars."

Bruce F. on 1/25/2014:
"As always I and my cars enjoy visiting the shop. Ken and John up front and the mechanics in the bays with Rich coming around to oversee it all. I feel my cars are in good and caring hands. bruce"

Joe Sinisgalli on 1/22/2014:
"very good service as usual"

Robert/joann S. on 1/12/2014:
"very fair and good experience convenient location"

Al S. on 1/11/2014:
"Everything went well, and the staff is great."

Mindy Rosner on 1/11/2014:
"easy- quick and no fuss."

Ricci O. from Holtsville, NY, whose NISSAN/DATSUN was in for an auto repair service, on 1/4/2014:
"They are excellent at their work and above all honest with what repairs you actual need"

Sandra Puttick on 1/3/2014:
"As usual the staff jumped into action and fixed my flat tire as well as another leaky tire. kudos to you and thank you."

Anonymous A. on 12/27/2013:
"As always service was quick and efficient. Village Automotive is always reliable."

Jerry Calvanese on 12/27/2013:
"As always the team of John, Ken and Jerry addressed my automobile issue and saved my money at the same time. Always a pleasure."

Julia M. Q. from Setauket, NY, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 12/18/2013:
"I think their work is excellent and they are very nice people to boot. It is always a pleasure to go there."

Al Specht on 12/3/2013:
"All the staff are great!!"

Steven Fontakis on 11/28/2013:
"Ken & John are very professional & helpful. They & their staff do excellent work. I also find they are very good at diagnosing the vehicle's problems. I highly recommend Village Auto."

Vincent D. from Setauket, NY on 11/27/2013:
"My thanks to Rich,Ken John and all the guys.Excellent job as usual.All the best."

Ann C. on 11/21/2013:
"Everyone is always friendly and very accommodating. Thank you, John, for taking me home after I left my car off. Ann"

David S. from Setauket, NY, whose Porsche was in for an auto repair service, on 11/21/2013:
"I always tell the story of when I purchased my used pickup and noticed a loud banging noise in the front of the vehicle. I contacted the previous owner and he advised me that the noise had been there since the vehicle was new and the dealer was unable to locate the problem. I believe it is the reason he sold the truck. The experts at Village Automotive identified that the frame bolts had not been tightened at the factory and repaired the problem. Thanks to Village Automotive and the documentation provided, I was able to obtain a refund of the money spent from the manufacturer. Thanks again too the gents at Village!"

Mindy R. on 11/20/2013:
"customer service is excellent-they always make time and get the work done in a very timely fashion. I trust the work done and so far, so good! They care a great deal & it shows by the time it takes and the concern they give."

Anonymous Anonymous on 11/6/2013:
"Nice PLace- guys are great to deal with, very pleasant and polite"

Rick Belmont on 11/1/2013:
"Exceeded expectations, as usual"

Ann Hanrahan on 10/30/2013:
"Always reliable, friendly, quick to provide service. Have been a customer for years and wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 10/24/2013:
"Top notch service as usual."

Yow-ning C. on 10/22/2013:
"The experience was very positive. John came out to help me pull the spare tire out of the trunk. Due to early gasoline spill, the spare tire was stuck on the rubber lining in the spare tire well. They also managed to fit an oil change in the busty schedule on the next morning. I am very appreciative to receive such service."

Brenda C. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 10/9/2013:
"Good service and pleasant workers!"

Jordan N. on 10/6/2013:
"Either your client, Jordan, gave you the wrong email address or your marketing folks can't read the email address provided because I have no idea who you people are. Please take me off of your email list, or I am going to post a terrible review for you guys posing as the Jordan character."

Kathy C. on 10/3/2013:
"As usual my experience at Village Automotive was great! The staff is always very helpful and professional. We trust Village Automotive and rely on them to keep our cars in tip-top shape. They are always very honest and go out of their way to accommodate us."

Jerry W. from Stony Brook, NY, whose GMC was in for an auto repair service, on 10/2/2013:
"Over these past eight years plus, the Village Automotive Center has proven to be a car care center that has as its goal, 100% customer satisfaction with respect to customer courtesy and the most competent, professional, experienced mechanics. Its the spirit and quality of the management team that make this car care center the best I've have ever experienced."

Marv H. from Setauket, NY, whose Infiniti was in for a smog check, on 10/2/2013:
"Best around on all counts..price..quality and service"

Jeanette Austin on 10/1/2013:
"I appreciate the rides to and from my home and the excellent service."

Terry Barresse on 9/24/2013:
"We have been long time customers at Village Auto and they never disappoint us. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Work is done in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable price. We highly recommend them."

Ken M. on 9/24/2013:
"Ken and John are the best. Very accommodating and helpful. Ken always takes the time to listen, explain, and follow up."

Lenny J. from Manorville, NY, whose CHEVROLET was in for an auto repair service, on 9/24/2013:
"I've been dealing with Village for years and they are honest and do the job right the first time !"

Anonymous Anonymous on 9/21/2013:
"Brake line and trailer performance are perfect! Even the hauler said it was great! Thank you."

Anonymous Anonymous on 9/8/2013:
"Flexible, friendly, knowledgeable, honest, reasonable, professional service. Village Automotive is the best!"

Marvin H. on 9/7/2013:
"I am once again in lawn mowing heaven.Thanks village automotive.."

Joe Abramo on 9/6/2013:
"As usual, fast and pleasant experience"

John R. from Setauket, NY, whose Honda was in for a smog check, on 9/5/2013:
"Respectable, clean , competent service!!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 8/31/2013:
"Great service as usual!!!!!!"

Peter Soo on 8/30/2013:
"Excellent service, as usual."

Anonymous Anonymous on 8/28/2013:
"Good work, a little expensive, but worth it."

Anonymous on 8/28/2013:
"John and Ken are always very helpfull."

Mindy R. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 8/23/2013:
"Excellent on both plus caring and overprotective of every vehicle that passes through"

Joe S. on 8/13/2013:
"very good service, and quality workmanship. hi rich"

Steve E. on 8/7/2013:
"They fit me into their schedule with same day service. They were polite and completed the service punctually. During this servicing they discovered a nail in my tire and repaired it."

Dan L. from Setauket, NY, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 8/7/2013:
"Great Service very Friendly"

Al Specht on 8/4/2013:
"All went well. Thanks again."

Fred W. on 8/3/2013:
"always a pleasure to work with"

Anonymous on 7/31/2013:
"Pleasant, customer oriented, good mechanics and honest. They don't recommend work that isn't necessary. I prefer going here than to the dealerships. Thanks Guys, and keep up the good work!"

Doyle D. on 7/25/2013:
"The repair was done efficiently and as described. No hidden costs."

Nancy R. on 7/23/2013:
"Perfect. Honest, professional and friendly staff and terrific service!! Been a pleasure being a client since1998."

Michele D. on 7/20/2013:
"Customer service was friendly, knowledgeable, courteous. What else could you ask for?"

Anonymous A. on 7/18/2013:
"Fair prices and friendly service from people you can trust. On my first visit (Dec. '12) they found a problem that my regular shop couldn't ('01 Volvo XC70). This time (July '13) they went above and beyond to prevent a recurring engine-system warning even though the warning itself was no longer displayed. I found them on a referral and have already referred Village Auto to others with confidence."

Bob C. on 7/17/2013:
"Fast, friendly service, as usual."

Marvin Hazan on 7/16/2013:
"Great experience..fair prices..clean shop.."

Marvin H. from Setauket, NY, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 7/16/2013:
"Don't look elsewhere. Great professional work at fair and reasonable prices..Reliable shop that will do the right things in each case."

Robert D. from Setauket, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 7/15/2013:
"Reliable, fair and competent"

Fred B. on 7/13/2013:
"Service and convenience are always first rate; we've been regular customers for years at the Village Automotive Center.....a great shop with great personnel we depend upon."

Anonymous on 7/10/2013:
"I am always confident of the service and politeness this auto shop consistently provides and my wife and I have been loyal customers for many years"

Brenda Coven on 7/10/2013:
"As always, it was a pleasure dealing with Ken and John. I had an appt that went as planned and I was on my way home in thirty minutes or less."

Frank S. on 7/3/2013:
"Thank you Rich, Ken, John, and the rest of the gang for taking such good care of my little old Miata. She's still looking and running as good as she is due to you terrific work."

Barbara C. on 7/2/2013:
"When I originally tried to make appointment on line, it kept rejecting my copies of "the code". i copied the four letters as best I could. I don't know if others have noted this. barbara campagna"

Frank M. from Stony Brook, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 6/26/2013:
"I would strongly recommend it. In fact, I have strongly recommended it to several friends in the past because of its consistently excellent service."

James B. on 6/25/2013:
"Fine. Something came up that I needed the car back earlier than I had thought I would, and they were able to accommodate me."

Thomas L. on 6/25/2013:
"Great job in a timely manner. Thanks Tom Lynch"

Mary A. on 6/22/2013:
"Excellent service as always"

Jay G. on 6/19/2013:
"Excellent and reliable service."

Karin S. on 6/19/2013:
"I am a fairly new customer; a friend recommended Village Automotive and I?ve been pleased with all work done over the past several years."

Anonymous A. on 6/18/2013:
"Always provide wonderful service. Village Auto is very, very trustworthy."

Howell L. on 6/13/2013:
"Prompt reliable friendly service as always! and so close to home. The crew there always makes sure to give me a heads up on any maintenance that may be needed in the coming year and I have never had surprises for as long as I have been bringing my cars to them. Thanks guys!"

Joe A. on 6/11/2013:
"Fast, courteous, professional, friendly service. A great place which is concerned about you and your safety"

Rick B. on 6/9/2013:
"Problems: No AC & stuck thermostat. Mission Accomplished! AC is cold. Radiator is hot."

Anonymous A. on 6/8/2013:
"Excellent and fast service, top quality auto repair facility, I've gone there for years."

Anonymous on 6/8/2013:
"Excellent and reliable work, helpful and friendly."

Lenny on 6/6/2013:
"Work is of the highest quality and the folks there are the best!"

Lenny J. on 6/6/2013:
"Work completed when promised and as always done the right way!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 6/6/2013:
"The guys are very pleasant and nice to deal with"

Richard/karen W. on 6/4/2013:
"the best service in town, bar none."

Les W. on 5/19/2013:
"I find all the personnel associated with Village Automotive to be very courteous and cooperattive--their pricing is competative and fair."

Rita H. on 5/10/2013:
"very satisfied and pleased"

Lenny J. on 5/10/2013:
"As always, greeted professionally, work done on time and done right!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 5/9/2013:
"We always receive great service at Village Automotive Center."

Alice H. on 5/7/2013:
"As usual the service was flawless and fast. It's always a pleasure to see Ken and Richy. The garage is spotless."

Mike/kerry L. on 5/1/2013:
"Vehicle ready as promised!"

Ken W. on 4/30/2013:
"Top notch work as usual."

Lucille Englebright on 4/26/2013:
"Good service, friendly atmosphere,prompt and timely as promised"

Steve A. on 4/17/2013:
"There's only one word that describes why I only let you guys touch my vehicles; donerightfairpriceco​urteouscustomerapper​ciationism. 745 points in scrabble!"

Joe Stack on 4/10/2013:
"My car came back better than I expected. It had a hole in the exhaust pipe and it was returned to me a lot quieter than when I left it off. The cost was moderate and the service was superior. I was very happy with this experience."

James D. on 4/10/2013:
"Very quick and reliable!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 4/7/2013:
"Village Auto is very responsive; we asked them to do a full-workover of our vehicle and they only did that which they deemed necessary. They are very time and pleasant to work with; they keep you informed on the status of your car. We feel they are very trustworthy."

Al S. on 4/5/2013:
"Everything went well when my Volvo was serviced. The staff are great, the service was friendly and competent."

Nancy R. on 4/3/2013:
"Awesome as always. Fast, through and terrific people. Wouldn't trust anyone else touch to my cars."

Barbara C. on 3/29/2013:
"Great experience. Very a quote, kept appointment, got dropped home and picked up as part of service. Good communication."

Elizabeth Twiss on 3/20/2013:
"Needed a new headlight on short order. Called; was told come in anytime after 30 minutes and it would be done in 15 minutes. It was."

Ken W. on 3/19/2013:
"The best service as usual."

Arlene B. on 3/14/2013:
"Ken and the whole staff are always pleasant, helpful and accommodating. They take care of your questions and your car in a professional manner. Thank you for your time. Arleen Buckley"

Joyce R. on 3/13/2013:
"I just like the fact that you are honest and do not take our money unless its necessary. Oh, love the coupons :)"

Doyle D. on 3/12/2013:
"Very quick and efficient service."

Jacqueline Errico on 2/28/2013:
"I noticed after leaving that my front driver tire is wearing around the outside edge - and this was not addressed. A little concerned."

Anonymous Anonymous on 2/28/2013:
"great except for wheel lock socket being left in coffee cup holder"

Karin S. on 2/27/2013:
"I found Village Automotive through a friend who drives the same brand car that I have. A customer only for the last few years, I have been pleased with the service each visit. Repairs necessary have been handled competently and I feel confident about the advice I received."

Lenny J. on 2/25/2013:
"truck repaired on time and problem fixed. Couldn't ask for anything more!"

Vincent D. on 2/23/2013:
"Excellent experience(as usual),My thanks to John,Ken and the boy's for a job well done."

Ron D. on 2/22/2013:
"I can't thank you enough for all the years you've taken care of my car so meticulously. Safety is always my main concern, and any repair you've suggested has been estimated, explained and then carried out quickly. I couldn't trust my car to anyone else. Thank you!"

Steve E. on 2/20/2013:
"The service mechanic was thorough and completed the service in a reasonable amount of time. The reception staff was friendly."

Lenny J. on 2/16/2013:
"Another service done well and delivered on tim!"

Robert D. on 2/9/2013:
"Friendly,helpful and usually timely. Almost always a good experience with fair prices helpful advice and transportation home. So much better than car dealerships or chain repair shops."

Mary Lou B. on 2/9/2013:
"I like the addition of the shuttle"

Doris M. on 1/30/2013:

Ken Warne on 1/23/2013:
"Professional in all ways.Service completed in timely fashion."

Anne H. on 1/22/2013:
"Great, friendly, quick service as always, even on a short notice. Recently brought my car in for an oil change. Ken knows my tendency to ignore little details like inspections, and noticed my inspection was expiring next month. The inspection had also been taken care of when I picked my car up! That's what I call great service!"

Mandy Andreach on 1/20/2013:
"Great service as always"

Steve A. on 1/17/2013:
"Bad wheel bearing at 8:00; no bad wheel bearing at 9:00- Fast, courteous, competent.......what more is there to say."

Natika Newton on 1/15/2013:
"Very conscientious service. John, Ken and Richie kept me informed of the status of my car repair, offered to pick me up, and in general were extremely courteous and friendly. The cost of the repairs was greater than I had expected, but they asked permission for the extra work, and explained it satisfactorily."

Elaine Debruin on 1/15/2013:
"Very courteous, helpful and quick."

Pat U. on 1/10/2013:
"Efficient, timely, professional yet friendly."

Fred B. on 1/10/2013:
"Thank you for such quick and efficent always.. Barbara Badalamenti"

Leslie Cross on 1/5/2013:
"Always a great experience at Village Automotive!"

Kevin M. on 1/3/2013:
"Service was excellent. Attendees were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend service to others."

Anonymous Anonymous on 1/3/2013:
"As always I'm confident everything needed was done and nothing unneeded was tacked on. I don't causally give 5-stars but V.A.C. deserves them. Not cheap but worth it to know one is getting a safe, well-serviced car back."

Jerry Calvanese on 12/27/2012:
"As always the team of John, Ken and Jerry addressed my automobile issue and saved my money at the same time. Always a pleasure."

Even Branfman on 12/18/2012:
"Good quick service and a fair price. Oil Cap was left on loose, and required a second visit, but issue was rectified timely."

Joe Abramo on 12/15/2012:
"As usual, a great auto shop experience!"

Sal Bertolone on 12/15/2012:
"Village Automotive is always excellent. I have never been disappointed bu them."

Anonymous Anonymous on 12/12/2012:
"Excellent service, great people, quick turnaround. I've been going there for years to have my car serviced and they are the best!"

Kathy M. on 12/12/2012:
"As always you guys were great! It is wonderful having such a professional automotive service center that makes you feel like you are part of there family. I bring all three of my vehicles to you and every time I feel like the work is done well quickly and is priced right! Keep up the great work."

Marvin H. on 12/11/2012:
"Great Crew with excellent skills and solve all your problems at fair prices,,,been coming here for decades and would rather give up my doctor that Village Automotive..."

Mike Hayman on 12/7/2012:
"I had a problem with my car on the drive into work yesterday. I called and they took my car in at a moments notice and located and fixed the problem promptly. As always, friendly and courteous service."

Anonymous Anonymous on 12/7/2012:
"Always a positive experience at Village Automotive, and this visit was no different!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 12/6/2012:
"Absolute pleasure! very prompt, accommodating, efficient and most of all honest!!!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 12/6/2012:
"Excellent, courteous service as usual"

Lenny J. on 12/4/2012:
"Again, great work delivered as promised !"

Jacqueline Errico on 12/2/2012:
"as usual - professional and timely"

Fred B. on 11/28/2012:
"Services here are always reliable, prompt, and reponsibly priced. Even minor repairs are given with courtesy; this is a well managed shop and widely recognized as the best in our area."

Mindy Rosner on 11/23/2012:
"you make it very convenient and easy to drop off car in an emergency situation, which I did. Everything was done in a timely manner and explained perfectly.It was much appreciated!!"

Ken W. on 11/15/2012:
"Top notch as usual..Only 1/2 hour wait.Excellent service as usual."

Salma R. on 10/18/2012:
"work done as promised/ no "surprises", always welcome with car maintenance!"

Brenda C. on 10/17/2012:
"The staff in the front office and the mechanics are all nice guys. I didn't have to wait very long to have my car serviced."

Darleen Nulty on 10/17/2012:
"thank you so much...always a pleasure!"

Lenny J. on 10/11/2012:
"As always made an 8am appointment and car was complete in under an hour. Can't ask for anything more!!!"

Dennie Saunders on 10/6/2012:
"Service was great. Ride is smooth now."

Donald Hunt on 10/2/2012:
"John and Ken work very well together.They always go above and beyond to help the customer"

Loni F. on 10/1/2012:
"Very satisfied with service. No issues."

Anonymous Anonymous on 9/29/2012:
"Splendid, friendly, knowing, jocular and professional."

Anonymous Anonymous on 9/29/2012:
"Consistently superb customer service, prompt, attentive, never a problem after a fix, always done right."

Kathleen L. on 9/27/2012:
"Great- Ken is always so pleasant"

Steve E. on 9/27/2012:
"The job was completed quickly and correctly. Service people were helpful and polite."

Donna Emory on 9/25/2012:
"My family has been using your services for well over 20 years. But I can't thank you enough for the time, attention and care your shop has given. Especially keeping my daughter's car safe for her to drive while away at college. I truly appreciate your attention to detail and your efforts to work on her car even when she is only home for a day. Thank you!"

Joe Sinisgalli on 9/22/2012:
"prompt curtious service as usual"

Marilyn B. on 9/20/2012:
"The work I required was handled promptly and efficiently. All of the office personnel I dealt with were amiable. The waiting area is neat and pleasant. Who could ask for more? Thanks!"

Julia Q. on 9/18/2012:
"I feel very fortunate to have such a neat, clean, well-organized car repair and service center close to my home. The owner and personnel have been there for years and are knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. Work is done thoroughly and on time. I strongly recommend them."

Nancy R. on 9/14/2012:
"They are always easy to work with and Make me rest assured that my car is safe and working perfectly. I apreciate that they give me heads up when something will want to be checked up on at my next oil change. It is a working relationship I would never compromise on. Thanks guys!"

Steve E. on 9/14/2012:
"As always the service was terrific. John, the receptionist was polite and friendly. During the oil change they discovered a nail in one of my tires and repaired it. Their thoroughness may have saved me being stuck on the road with a flat tire or worse."

Howell Leming on 9/13/2012:
"Knowledgeable, honest shop with kind and friendly staff, can't be beat! Thanks for keeping all our cars on the road."

Joe Abramo on 9/11/2012:
"As usual they provided quick efficient service with a friendly smile. Thanks again for your care of my car."

Lenny J. on 9/6/2012:
"As always I was treated well and my car was serviced and ready for pick up as promised."

Dave S. on 9/1/2012:
"came right back on again. So now i won't know when it really means it"

Jim Doherty on 8/21/2012:
"Very happy with service and the ease of making an appointment."

Ken W. on 8/15/2012:
"Great Work...AS usual,done in a timely fashion."

Mary Lou B. on 8/9/2012:
"Great service. My car was in for NYS Inspection, brake adjustment and tire rotation. I have been using Village Auto for nearly twenty years. I trust them to care for my car as they do for their own cars."

Kathy M. on 8/9/2012:
"very efficient and easy to get your car taken care of!"

Kathy M. on 8/9/2012:
"we took all our cars to village automotive and were very happy with their service. Their shop is neat clean and well organized. The staff is polite and knowledgable and would recommend their shop to anyone."

Ken Warne on 8/8/2012:
"Quick and service,which is the norm ."

Doris M. on 8/2/2012:
"Efficient, courteous, fast service, as always. Thanks guys!!!!"

Peter Soo on 8/2/2012:
"I had a rattling sound in the front of the vehicle and called for an appointment. I was able to drop off the 4-Runner the next day. The sway bar was loose and it was effectively fixed and a few other routine jobs were also performed at the same time. I have always been impressed with the polite and efficient service provided by Village Automotive. They never induce you to have repairs or maintenance done when they are not needed. I have saved hundreds of dollars compared to what I have paid at the dealers. Give them a try. They provide excellent honest service."

Sue & Al B. on 7/24/2012:
"As always excellent. I appreciate you servicing our vehicles on such short notice. And always thanks to Jerry who is a kind and great worker who I trust very much with all of our vehicles. Thanks again The Borrelli Family"

Fred B. on 7/19/2012:
"As always we are given prompt, convenient, and polite car care for our two Subaru vehicles."

Tina M. on 7/17/2012:
"Never had a bad experience. Honest, quick, efficient and NICE, too!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 7/13/2012:
"The service is always excellent and John and Ken always go out of their way to extend courtesy to a customer."

Joe Sinisgalli on 7/6/2012:
"i knew you could handle this"

Loni F. on 7/6/2012:
"Service was performed well. Very pleased."

Elizabeth T. on 7/4/2012:
"Got us in quickly (2 cars), ready ahead of schedule, fun people to interact with."

Mindy Rosner on 7/3/2012:
"getting the appointment,picking up the keys and then the car was quick and easy. Hopefully, the work was done perfectly and extras were taken care of to keep the car in excellent driving condition. Price was a little higher than I thought it would be, tho. But, all in all for an older car, I am very satisfied in my choice of car centers to bring it to. I particularly like the fact that the guys know me now and will continue to bring out cars there."

Al S. on 6/30/2012:
"A good job, as usual."

John Bennett on 6/30/2012:
"Village serviced my car quickly and efficiently. Thank you!"

Theresa Mancini on 6/23/2012:
"I started using Village Auto two years ago, each time I get work done there I am pleased with the people and the work and I trust them. I have had to cancel appointments and I need a ride home and they have always been accomodating. Now it has become our family repair shop."

Anonymous Anonymous on 6/23/2012:
"Excellent, quick and professional service."

Mike K. on 6/19/2012:
"and have never been disappointed."

Fran P. on 6/19/2012:
"As always everyone is friendly and they do a great job on my cars!"

Joe Abramo on 6/14/2012:
"I reported that my car " sounded differently" recently. It was diagnosed quickly and repaired in a short time period. Thanks to Jerry I'm back on the road in my nice safe vehicle. You guys are great!"

Patty S. on 6/9/2012:
"Three village Automotive once again assisted me with all my automotive needs with care, professionalism, and outstanding service."

Rick B. on 6/9/2012:
"I called Tuesday for an oil change and 90K service on my Santa Fe. Ken offered me an appointment Thursday or Friday. I dropped-off car, keys and coupons Thursday night after closing. John called by mid afternoon Friday to say job was done, in plenty of time to make our dinner reservation and a show at Theatre Three. Village Automotive, you're the best!"

Julia Quagliata on 5/27/2012:
"Small job, excellent service. Thanks!"

Patty Schuchman on 5/27/2012:
"Always professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and courteous. I highly recommend Village Automotive Service for your automotive needs. :)"

Adrian W. on 5/25/2012:
"I called for an inspe ruin and it was very fast. The explain everything to you and it's clear even when you don't understand mechanics. I highly recommend them for your next car service."

Lenny J. on 5/24/2012:
"Dropped of my car at 8 was on road by 9. Great service, great people!"

Robert B. on 5/16/2012:
"As usual got the job done with no hassles."

Lenny Joerg on 5/11/2012:
"As always my visit to Village Automotive was a good experience. My vehicle was ready when promised. Everyone was plesant to deal with and the overall experience was great."

Mary Lou B. on 5/8/2012:
"Car was serviced efficiently and quickly"

Leslie C. on 4/17/2012:
"Prompt, friendly, professional service Thanks!"

Thomas Lynch on 4/17/2012:
"truck was fixed on time and for a fair price . can't ask for any more that that ! Thank You !!"

Yow-ning C. on 4/17/2012:
"No extra work needed this time so that's good for the wallet. People seem to trust you with their driving safety and I do too."

Jerry C. on 4/13/2012:
"The guys at Village Automotive are always professional, get your car in on time and solve the problem the first time."

Ray R. on 4/11/2012:
"We were able to wait for the car in the morning as we needed it that day. Went in for service and couple of minor problems were found and addressed which avoided major problems in the future."

Kristin B. on 4/9/2012:

Mike H. on 3/30/2012:
"I have been using Village Automotive for all my automotive needs for over 15 years. Their service was excellent 15 yrs ago and it was just as excellent today. They are always professional and helpful and do an excellent job on fixing the car!!"

Darleen N. on 3/20/2012:
"They did a great​y!"

Anthony M. on 3/15/2012:
"Village Automotive Center staff are always polite. This week I had a time crunch and I stopped by unanounced and they fit me in. Thank you guys"

Mindy Rosner on 3/13/2012:
"Brought the car in for oil change & 115,000 check, found needed brakes. were done in no time and heard sympathy in their voice! good experience, as always"

Kevin M. on 3/10/2012:
"As usual, service was superb."

Joel P. on 2/29/2012:
"The oil change and inspection were done quickly and thoroughly while I waited. Very good work"

Anonymous Anonymous on 2/24/2012:
"Service was efficient and friendly as always!"

Brenda Coven on 2/23/2012:
"I've been using Rich's auto shop for more than twenty years and have always found the staff to be friendly and helpful. Rich, the owner, is unfailingly polite and kind."

Kathy C. on 2/22/2012:
"As usual my experience at Village Automotive was excellent. Ken, John, and Richie are always very professional and courteous. Everything is explained thoroughly and they always provide expert service."

Anonymous Anonymous on 2/22/2012:
"The coupon you sent me on line was very helpful. The co-operation I received from the employees was also excellent. Thanks so much Bonnie"

Susan Colatosti on 2/22/2012:
"Prompt service. Within 30 minutes I had my oil changed. Staff is always friendly and helpful. I have been a satisfied customer for over 10 years, bringing in a variety of cars for major and minor repairs."

Donna Bernessar on 2/21/2012:
"Always efficient and and ontime."

Lenny J. on 2/19/2012:
"Brought my vehicle in for oil change and inspection and as always my car was ready on time. I was greeted professionally and it was a pleasant experience!"

Diane F. on 2/10/2012:
"The best care and service for my family's automobiles. They have been my mechanics for years."

Joe A. on 1/23/2012:
"Extremely professional and concerned about the customer. They diagnose potential problems and treat you with respect."

Lenny J. on 1/20/2012:
"I needed an oil change but couldn't leave my truck so we made an appointment and I was back on the road in under 1 hour. Can't ask for anything more!!"

Judy G. on 1/18/2012:
"Great service and timely repair. Friendly and helpful. But forgot to use coupons. It would have been nice to be reminded!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
"went in for an oil change. asked them about my wheels being shakey. came back with a 90 dollar bill. didn't tell me they were charging me for a tire rotation and problem wasn't solved. if they had asked before, my tires were already rotated. Now i'm being spammed without permission. not only through emails and mail, but also ON MY PHONE!"

Lenny Joerg on 12/2/2011:
"As always i was treated with true professionalism by the crew and my car was delivered on time as always!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 12/1/2011:
"Always good, reliable service. Courteous and efficient."

Joanna Plunkitt on 11/24/2011:
"They were accommodating to my schedule and very professional and courteous."

Mary A. on 11/23/2011:
"Once again, I'm a satisfied customer!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 11/16/2011:
"Great group of guys. Well oiled machine. They try and do the right thing by everybody."

Anonymous Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
"We were served in a timely and efficient manner on our oil change and service. We were alerted to some possible issues, which we can now track. Fully satisfied."

Darleen N. on 11/10/2011:
"I am so thankful I found you guys...very professional...did a great job...great price. I am telling my husband I want to take the car to you from now on instead of driving it to Patchogue like I have in the past."

Mindy Rosner on 11/7/2011:
"Easily done. You were very clear about everything and took my word about the coupon. Thanks again-see you soon!"

Sandy T. on 11/3/2011:
"And forgiving -- sorry again that I screwed up your schedule by screwing up my own, writing the wrong date on my calendar!"

Jim Doherty on 10/31/2011:
"Called to see if my daughter's car could be looked at and John took care of the nail in the tire. John, Thank-you for your help!"

Kevin M. on 10/29/2011:
"As always, Village Automotive provides the best service around."

Lenny J. on 10/22/2011:
"As always the repair was handled professionally and within the time frame promised! You can't ask for a better place to take your car for repair or maintenance."

Sandy Tyler on 10/19/2011:
"And a delightful staff. You won't be disappointed!"

Rob G. on 10/19/2011:
"although I never like having to spend alot on my car, I want to thank Rich and Village Automotive for fixing a serious problem created by a dealership where I will never take my car again. Thanks to everyone at Village for giving me my car back working like it was when I bought it. You will be seeing me in the future."

Cathy Melvin on 10/18/2011:
"Great job...was in and out in under and hour...the people there are SOOO friendly and nice...would highly recommend!!"

Joe S. on 10/15/2011:
"depending on a review on the engine light situation"

Joe Stack on 10/12/2011:
"Great service, as usual. Local, convenient and courteous-can't beat that! Great to have this in our local community to help make our auto chores just a bit easier. Thanks to all the guys at Village Automotive Center!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 9/30/2011:
"The guys at Village Auto are courteous, professional, and timely communicators. Their per-hour labor cost is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum for Long Island, but I'll gladly pay it for the good work that they do and the convenience of their proximity to my residence.

The only thing keeping this from being a 5-star rating: Guys, while you were diagnosing my check engine light, surely you also saw the TPMS warning light on. For a 700+ job, you could have run a quick check of the tire pressure?

All in all, Village Auto has provided the best service of 4 or 5 different places that I've patronized (including dealerships). Keep up the good work-- You continue to have my business."

Joseph D. on 9/30/2011:
"Mechanics are the the best in the Setauket area. Your car will be treated as if it was their own. I will be glad to recomend Village automotive to anyone who is looking for anew place to bring their car or truck."

Bonnie S. on 9/30/2011:
"Service was great and I really appreciated the ride to pick up my vehicle. Bonnie"

John Bennett on 9/30/2011:
"Wow, Rich, this is a different and far better car. Thank you. Nancy"

Ann G. on 9/21/2011:
"Great work, always helpful and polite."

Joe Sinisgalli on 9/20/2011:
"your service was exemplory as usual"

Lenny Joerg on 9/19/2011:
"As always I was treated professionally and the job was done right the first time !!"

Marilyn Berg on 9/18/2011:
"My recent appointment for a state inspection was dealt with promptly and efficiently. The work area is a thing of beauty--white and bright!"

Joyce E. on 9/17/2011:
"The service is excellent and I am most appreciative. It gives me great comfort to know that your Center is there in case I have car trouble."

Mary A. on 9/15/2011:
"Great Service as usual!! (Of course I'm always happy when it doesn't cost a lot, but even when it does it doesn't mean I don't still love you guys.)"

Anthony Morejon on 9/9/2011:
"The People at Village Auto have been nothing but polite and honest with me. They are great to to buisness with"

Mindy Rosner on 9/2/2011:
"always a pleasure- I know my car is in good hands!"

Vincent Demarco on 8/26/2011:
"Excellent service as usual.Thanks guys."

Terry Barressi on 8/15/2011:
"As always, the staff at Village Auto are courteous and professional. Needed an inspection and brakes. Everything was done quickly and my car has never run better!"

Anonymous A. on 8/6/2011:
"Pleased with the professional, prompt service at Village Auto"

Mindy Rosner on 8/5/2011:
"What a favor you did for me and my daughter. We thank you so so much. This settles it for all of us-we will not take the cars anywhere else but Village Automotive!"

Kathy M. on 8/4/2011:
"We plan on making this shop the only place we bring our cars. Great guys, clean shop , good service. Keep up the good work !"

Fred B. on 8/3/2011:
"Great care and promptness given, as always. Minor customer concerns on brakes and car noise were given attention as requested."

Ivana Srdoc on 7/28/2011:
"Flat tire, disabled car, prompt same day service, low price! Thank you Rich and your people once again. Ivana"

Sandy Tyler on 7/26/2011:
" always! Wonderful staff of real gentlemen. A pleasure. And they never miss a detail."

Joanne Goetz on 7/24/2011:

Salma Ralph on 7/21/2011:
"great service--fortunate to have such a reliable competent and friendly place right in the Three Village neighborhood !"

Steve/stephanie Massey on 7/20/2011:
"Again our bill was less than we thought it would be! How often does that happen. Thanks VAC!"

Gina Hoge on 7/19/2011:
"Great service as usual, very accomodating and fast!"

Bruce S. on 7/18/2011:
"I think you de-stinked our venza. Thanks"

Robin Slawski on 7/16/2011:
"The guys are always courteous. The pricing is competitive with the Volvo dealership but I believe in supporting our local businesses whenever possible."

Ray Terken on 7/13/2011:
"I called for an ispection and oil change and asked if I could waite. First I didn,t waite they took me the second I drove up. They ( Ken and Rich) were all smiles and pleasant and I waited in a clean pleasant waiting room for them to complete the two tasks. Not only were they fast and professional but I waited with a neighbor who was there for the same two maintenance procedures. All in all as usual it was a ten out of ten experience. I constantly tell people about village automotive and how genuinely pleasant they are to deal with. Thanks Ken"

John B. on 7/9/2011:
"Rich, Ken, John and the guys are the best! They are accommodating and courteous. My cars are running well and I can trust them to keep them that way. Thanks for everything!"

Kevin/jayne Murphy on 7/8/2011:
"Trustworthy....nothi​ng more to say. Hassle free and honest."

Jamie S. on 7/8/2011:
"Village Automotive is always very accommodating, even last minute. I switched from another automotive group a while back and couldn't be happier. I love the pick-up/drop-off service which helps out a busy mom like myself. THE biggest thing is I never feel like I am getting ripped off which is huge considering I do not know really anything about cars. Thanks!!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 7/8/2011:
"super job by all, thanks"

Anonymous A. on 7/1/2011:
"Easy to schedule; Prompt service; Honest and competent people all the way."

Ron Menin on 6/21/2011:
"pleasent polite and on time..........excell​ent as usual"

Fred B. on 6/21/2011:
"As always, prompt and courteous service. The major repair was to front brake calipers; one was discovered to have seized. I would have preferred only the frozen one to be replaced, but told both should be. With other services that were given my total cost was $700. Much greater than I expected or can afford."

Lenny Joerg on 6/19/2011:
"Work done on time and very professional!"

Brenda C. on 6/17/2011:
"I have been using Village Automotive for twenty years. They are reliable, honest, and good."

Anonymous Anonymous on 6/15/2011:
"I think $100 for an oil change and tire rotation is a bit excessive."

Yow-ning C. on 6/14/2011:
"I do not like to pay for repairs. Most important part is that I feel a difference afterwards and doesn't break down again shortly, then I will keep coming back. thanks,"

Howell L. on 6/13/2011:
"Thanks as always for friendly local service! No need to trek to dealer."

Terry B. on 6/7/2011:
"Village Auto is always professional. The staff is friendly and more then happy to take the time to explain the issues with your vehicle and answer your questions. Leave your car with confidence!"

Richard/barbara C. on 6/6/2011:
"Immediate responsiveness to unanticipated car-starting problem. Diagnosed and corrected. Professional, courteous, helpful, reliable always."

Ann Grady on 5/27/2011:
"Convenient and efficient as always."

Steve A. on 5/27/2011:
"Service is excellent as usual. However, you need to give serious thought to getting a cocktail waiterss for the guys who have to wait. John is cute, but he doesn't have the legs for a cocktail dress; and I doubt Ken does either. Other than that, I always enjoy dealing with guys who know what they are doing."

Ivana S. on 5/27/2011:
"Dear Rich, I was in trouble driving my Honda because of unreliable shift (parking position). I phoned you early morning and the same day my car was fixed! Many thanks from Ivana."

Christine/mark M. on 5/24/2011:
"I have ALWAYS been very happy with the friendliness, honesty, expertise and skill of the crew at Village Automotive. This time I couldn't have been more pleased.... 30 minutes before closing on a Fri evening I called to see if they could give advice as my car's steering seemed to be "off" and I was worried if it was safe to drive.....they had me come down, then Rich drove it, diagnosed and fixed the problem all in about 25 min!! THANK YOU!! I couldn't recommend this shop more highly!"

Lenny Joerg on 5/18/2011:
"Another great job! The guys a re professional and get the job done right the first time !"

Linda Luckow on 5/17/2011:
"Very easy to schedule, courteous staff, prompt, professional service."

Christine Hubbard on 5/12/2011:
"A good experience as usual."

Mary Andreach on 5/11/2011:
"Everything was fine as usual. Thanks"

Mike L. on 5/11/2011:
"great care for the car, quick appointment given, got a dropoff at home after i dropped the car at the garage."

Anonymous A. on 5/9/2011:
"Always quick, reliable service. Have used several times, and will continue."

Anonymous A. on 5/5/2011:
"You fixed our cars promptly and well. That is terrific. I hope we can go at least a few months without calling on you again."

Vincent Demarco on 4/23/2011:
"Pleasurable experience as usual.Great work and customer service."

Rick Belmont on 4/21/2011:
"Immediately got an appointment for next day 90,000 mile service on my Hyundai. Work was done on-time, fair value for service and they honored substantial discount coupons."

Al S. on 4/20/2011:
"Thanks for fixing the Volvo."

Fran P. on 4/12/2011:
"As always the team at Village Automotive provided excellent service when I needed to have my daughter's car inspected. They address the issues, worked with my warranty company and provided me updates along the way. I highly recommend Village Automotive for any auto repair or routine maintenance."

Dorothy King on 4/12/2011:
"I'm always pleased with both the level of workmenship, and how helpul knowledgable,and pleasant everyone is. Thank you"

Gina H. on 4/11/2011:
"Courteous, professional and timely service!!! I have a brand new car with free oil changes but I prefer to take my car to Village Auto."

Dan/julie M. on 4/6/2011:
"All work was performed in a timely manner and finished as expected."

Yow-ning C. on 4/6/2011:
"I had problem with starting the car and now I have a new battery. No trouble of any kind. Thank you."

Brenda Coven on 4/5/2011:
"Once again I got great service. Everyone who works here listens to the customer. Their work is excellent and they are unfailingly polite."

Howell L. on 4/4/2011:
"A terrific local repair shop, experienced techs and kind, friendly service. I far prefer them to the dealerships."

Bob C. on 4/3/2011:
"Every one is friendly. It is nice to be able to drop the car off the night before for service. Thank you."

Ken M. on 4/1/2011:
"Thanks for giving me lift."

Jackie B. on 4/1/2011:
"Excellent and fast service"

Joanna Plunkitt on 3/30/2011:
"Very courteous and professional. They were quick to communicative. I am completely satisfied with this business and a loyal customer."

Jim F. on 3/29/2011:

Bruce Stasiuk on 3/28/2011:
"I wish we had discovered you years ago."

Lenny J. on 3/25/2011:
"As always this was a pleasurable experience!!"

Nancy R. on 3/24/2011:
"The Village Automotive shop has always been pros. For over a decade they have always taken great care of my vehicle making me feel safe and in good hands. I always trust them to get it right. It has been a pleasure to deal with the good god hands. I always trust them to get it right. It has been a pleasure to deal with the good guys."

Nancy R. on 3/24/2011:
"The Village Automotive shop has always been pros. For over a decade they have always taken great care of my vehicle making me feel safe and in good hands. I always trust them to get it right. It has been a pleasure to deal with the good guys."

Bonnie S. on 3/19/2011:
"I had a coupon which helped keep expenses down and the staff is always courteous."

Michelle G. on 3/18/2011:
"I have been using VAC for 6 years. They go above and beyond to assist."

Donna Emory on 3/16/2011:
"My families vehicles have been patients of Three Village Auto for more than 15 years. We have always had terrific service. Whether it's towing after an accident, regular maintenance or keeping the older car in good working order to take a college kid back and forth to school. I have total trust in these guys."

Adrienne Varvaro on 3/15/2011:
"Great service on the car. Very professional and polite! Enjoying coming here!"

Marvin Hazan on 3/14/2011:
"timely,,,professiona​l,,getting the job done right the first time,,every time,"

Kathy M. on 3/14/2011:
"Everything my mom told me about your shop was true! Prompt , friendly service"

Sue/al B. on 3/9/2011:

Vincent Demarco on 3/9/2011:
"As always a pleasurable experience.Prompt,ti​mely and professional work."

Steve/stephanie Massey on 3/9/2011:
"When I started to hear this high pitched noise that my car was making I just knew it was going to be expensive. You can imagine my delight to get a bill that was about 1/10th of what I thought it would be! we have been going to Village Automotive since we moved to the are in 1989. They have always done a great job."

Ron K. on 3/9/2011:
"The tech worked for less than a half hour, yet I was charged over $70. When I questioned this I was told that I was paying for his experience with doors. If that's the case, you should have alternate labor rates per hour"

Fredrica Ordway on 3/1/2011:
"My experience over the years at Village Auto has always been very positive. Having been in the automotive repair business for over 17 years it is rare to see a repair shop who consistantly provides service in a honest and competant way. Village Auto is a pleasure to walk into, all the staff is pleasant and very helpful. When I take my cars to them, i never worry about being ripped off, if they say it needs fixing, i know it really does. I always recommend this shop to anyone who asks me about auto repairs. If it's a simple oil change, brakes or a noise you hear, you can be confident it will be fixed correctly."

Joel Pitchford on 2/15/2011:
"My car was done on time - service was as promised."

Mike Bertolino on 2/14/2011:
"service was fast, price was fair, over the years have had similar work done price was not low but not high. overall very good experience."

Jay Gimmill on 2/11/2011:
"I have been using Village Automotive for over 11 years and have always been satisfied with their service. They only recommend work that is required and that is very rare in this industry. I have sent several friends to Village and all were satisfied with their professionalism. Being in the maintenance field for over forty four years it has become too difficult for me to keep up with the maintenance and electronic systems on my cars. With Village I have the confidence all work is performed correctly."

Gina H. on 2/9/2011:
"I have been a customer of Village Auto since 1992!!! Always exceptional service!"

Patty Schuchman on 2/9/2011:
"As usual, the service is wonderful. The staff is courteous, professional, and they get the job done well and in a timely manner."

Candy Maeder on 2/7/2011:
"had major electrical issues and exhaust problems. These guys were quick to find and solve the problem."

Vincent Demarco on 2/4/2011:
"As per usual an excellent service experience.My inspection was completed before I finished my coffee."

Ron M. on 2/1/2011:
"The service here is over the top !!! The tech personnel & management are very knowledgable,polite and timely. In all an enjoyable experiance.Thank u vm guys."

Brenda Coven on 1/14/2011:
"I've used Village Automotive Center for nearly thirty years and have always been pleased with their competence and friendliness."

Jackie B. on 12/29/2010:
"I appreciate your good work."

Fran Pratt on 12/29/2010:
"I have been using Village Automotive for over 10 years and I have never had a disappointing experience. The staff is always friendly and accommodating to my schedule. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for great mechanics!!"

Vincent D. on 12/23/2010:
"John scheduled me with hardly any notice and took care of my repairs just prior to the holiday.Excellent service."

Tony H. on 12/22/2010:
"although my truck is old it was repaired promptly and has never run better..thanks all..."

Mike L. on 12/19/2010:
"excellent care for my family's vehicles for over a decade. never anything less than perfect."

Owen/anne D. on 12/17/2010:
"Got an oil and lube. It was done on time at a reasonable price, with great customer service. Ken and John were tremendous as always. Thanks."

Maria Anderson on 12/15/2010:
"You guys are so helpful and always take the time to explain what's going on. Every time I leave the shop I feel as though I learned something. Thanks so much!"

Lenny Joerg on 12/11/2010:
"As always. I left my car and it was serviced and it was ready for pikup as promised!"

Candy M. on 11/30/2010:
"Considering the work involved, the price was more than fair and the work was completed as promised in 1 day."

Candy M. on 11/18/2010:
"Great service at a reasonable cost"

Ivana S. on 11/11/2010:
"We need your help rather often; our 12 yr old car needs repairs and services, so we are happy to have you ready to help us ASAP."

Rick B. on 11/8/2010:
"Ken gave me a same-day appointment for a NYS inspection, which revealed a failed ball joint and worn tires. The work was completed the next day."

Lenny Joerg on 11/5/2010:
"As always a pleasure to deal with you all!!"

Bill Kuriluk on 10/30/2010:
"Excellent , professional service. Look forward to doing business together."

Richard/barbara C. on 10/30/2010:
"Excellent service; professional; courteous; willing to go out of their way for a customer"

Ken W. on 10/21/2010:
"Friendly,efficient,a​lways the best work done"

Brenda Coven on 10/13/2010:
"Always courteous and reliable. I've been using them and recommending them for twenty years! I don't know what I'd do without them."

Rick B. on 10/11/2010:
"Village Automotive has expertly serviced about 10 different cars for my family and me for over 20 years. Thanks guys for fitting me in last minute on Friday for an oil change."

Jim F. on 9/22/2010:
"Great as usual. Even my daughter likes you guys!"

Marvin H. on 9/21/2010:
"the guys at north country automotive are fantastic as usual,,the work professional and aways curteous and neat,,would sooner lose my keys or wallet than these fine mechanics,,"

Richard/karen W. on 9/20/2010:
"As usual, had an easy time scheduling an appointment for a Fall checkup..."

Lenny Joerg on 9/16/2010:
"Another good visit! Work was done on time and everything went well!"

Stephen Gamboa on 9/14/2010:
"The guys here are very professional. They answer the questions I have about my car, they perform quality repairs, and I can count on getting back my car promptly."

Fredrica O. on 9/12/2010:
"I've have serviced my cars at village auto for over 8 years and have always found it to be a positive experience . The entire staff is honest, professional and always pleasant. You never fell like they are selling you a bill of gooods. They have your safety in mind and i feel that is a invaluable trait for a business, especially these days."

Jim F. on 9/8/2010:
"Best in the biz,period,period!"

Kris K. on 8/27/2010:
"Jason @ VAC is always gives me good advice , chack and re- checks to make sure everyting is done right. A+"

Anonymous A. on 8/27/2010:
"Convenient oil change oil chante"

Fred W. on 8/26/2010:
"very accommodating and helpful"

Richard/karen W. on 8/26/2010:
"Our favorite local business, always do a great job, provide great service."

Judy Gavin on 8/26/2010:
"Came in without an appt with a ruined tire. Village Auto. ordered one and it was fixed within 2 hours."

Marvin Hazan on 8/18/2010:
"excellent as always,,,professiona​l, punctual,,and job well done,,stand behind their work,,,"

Tricia S. on 8/9/2010:
"The service was great. It was done quickly and completely. The staff was nice. Thanks for a great job!"

Don Andwood on 7/31/2010:
"Everyone at Rich's expert auto service has done outstanding work on all of the cars we have brought in for repairs."

Mindy Rosner on 7/30/2010:
"wonderful service, clean surroundings, very informative, great feedback in answering all questions, friendly and remembers all clients. Overall good experience."

Anonymous A. on 7/28/2010:
"I have been bringing my cars to Village Automotive for twenty years and highly recommend them."

Anonymous A. on 7/26/2010:
"The very best review I can give is, I can't think of any other automotive center that I would trust as much as I trust the ALL the folks at Village. Over the past four years they have earned my trust to the point that I freely recommend the Village to all my relatives and friends. For me this tells it all and truly like it is at Village."

Joanna Plunkitt on 7/24/2010:
"I had a great experience. Friendly and reliable. I trust this Business."

Marvin Hazan on 7/24/2010:
"superb at usual,,timely and professional,,"

Mary Lou B. on 7/23/2010:
"Honest mechanics who work for a fair price"

Linda Luckow on 7/21/2010:
"Very friendly, fast and efficient"

John/jackie M. on 7/20/2010:
"Great, efficient job, done in no time! Thanks so much."

Steve E. on 7/19/2010:
"Excellent service. Ken managed to squeeze us in on short notice."

Jim F. on 7/19/2010:
"always honest and always on time!"

Fred B. on 7/13/2010:
"We always get friendly and timely service here; this is always reliably received and fairly priced. You guys are great!"

Gina Hoge on 7/12/2010:
"Wonderful,easy quick visit as always! Ken and John are very accomodating and Jerry and Jason are the best mechanics!"

Marvin H. on 7/6/2010:
"Village automotive has been servicing our vehicles for more than two decades,,,reliable,,​excellent mechanics,,and friendly folks makes this a place we rely on and enjoy doing business with. highly recommended for those who enjoy trouble free motoring,, marv and jane hazan"

Fredrica O. on 7/2/2010:
"I always receive excellent, honest service. If it's not broke they don't tell you that it needs to be fixed."

Anonymous A. on 6/29/2010:
"I have always gotten the most professional, courteous and friendly reception. Village Automotive Center keeps my car running perfectly, and always has. Little things mean a lot; free quick inspections of what I think may be a problem...which usually aren't! And if they are, I just make an appointment and know it will be corrected. I recommend them highly."

Anonymous A. on 6/23/2010:
"Very professional and accomodating."

Anonymous A. on 6/6/2010:
"At Village Auto Center there has always been a sencere desire to understand the problems and or needs that brought me to the center. The Center has a very professional approach to solving difficult problems. Highly recommend the Center to all my family members and friends. This attitude and knowledge starts at the top, with Richard and runs thru the entire organization."

Gina H. on 5/27/2010:
"I have been taking my car to Richie and Ken for over 18 years and I wouldn't dream of taking it anywhere else!"

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Welcome To Village Automotive Center In Setauket- East Setauket, Your Premier Auto Repair And Service Shop

Hello. We would like to welcome you to Village Automotive Center in Setauket- East Setauket. With over 100 years of collective experience, we are proud to be your local Auto Repair experts.

  • Engine Repair

  • As the premier auto repair shop in Setauket - East Setauket, our highly trained automotive technicians take pride in all of their Engine Repair efforts.

  • Brake Repair

  • Each and every one of our reliable specialists undergoes extensive automotive repair training, including advanced certification in Brake Repair.

  • Transmission Repair

  • No matter your automotive needs, our team at Village Automotive Center will be glad to provide trustworthy, honest, and reputable service. You can trust us and our experienced mechanics with your Transmission Repair and general auto repair needs.

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  • While Auto Electrical Service may be a speciality of ours, our reputation has been built on our ability to solve everything from complex mechanical problems to basic maintenance like brake repair.

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  • Although Auto Repair is one of our many specialties, our mechanics come highly trained in repairing most Asian and European makes as well. Contact us today for an appointment!

We service and repair the following makes:

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  • Cadillac Repair
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  • Ford Repair
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  • Hummer Repair
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  • Infiniti Repair
  • Isuzu Repair
  • Jaguar Repair
  • Jeep Repair
  • Kia Repair
  • Lexus Repair
  • Lincoln Repair
  • Mazda Repair
  • Mercedes-Benz Repair
  • Mercury Repair
  • Mini Cooper Repair
  • Mitsubishi Repair
  • Nissan Repair
  • Oldsmobile Repair
  • Plymouth Repair
  • Pontiac Repair
  • Prius Repair
  • Saab Repair
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